Electrical Sub Station Works

Q-Main specialises in providing a service for electrical substation grounds and property maintenance which requires inspections, maintenance, repair, gardening and clearing substation surrounds.  We maintain zone substations, terminal stations, ground type substations, kiosk substations, indoor substations and switching cubicles including all buildings, structures and surrounds in the way of grass cutting, weed eradication, debris removal and internal cleaning of indoor substations.

In addition to the general grounds maintenance of substations, we also undertake extensive property repairs to substation or surrounding area. Additional services provided are listed;

  • Gutter & downpipe repairs/replacement
  • Fence repairs and security fence erection
  • Building of retainer walls (brick/sleepers)
  • Door/hinge repairs/replacement
  • Roof repairs/replacement
  • Installing of new screenings
  • Rotary vent repairs/replacement
  • Rust repairs
  • Gutter  & downpipe clearing
  • Graffiti removal
  • Cutting back or removing trees
  • Reinstatement of substations
  • Manufacturer of new kiosks substations
  • Installation of new pumps
  • Decommissioning of substations
  • Auditing of substations
  • Building and erecting palisade security gates
  • Ivy removal on substation & surrounding area
  • Electrical, plumbing & carpentry
  • Concreting and asphalting
  • Bunding repairs/installation
  • PETE testing of electrical appliances

Electrical Works 

Q-Main has on board an A Grade electrician who is able to undertake industrial and commercial electrical works.  Scope of works include:

  • Electrical installation & repairs
  • Rewiring
  • Lighting installations
  • Installation of air conditioning units
  • Repairs/maintenance of air conditioning units
  • Test and Tag

Building Maintenance 

Q-Main has qualified trades people as part of their team to undertake specialised building maintenance tasks in the form of electrical, plumbing, carpentry, brick laying and landscape building. Q-Main also has qualified welders for fabrication works, including manufacturing and fitting of new steel substation doors, gates and fences.  By having qualified trades people on board, Q-Main is in a position to be able to undertake all building maintenance, extensions and improvements with expert ease and efficiency.

Bush Clearing 

Utilising a Caterpillar 297C Multi Terrain Loader and a Gyro Tech Mulcher Head, Q-Main is in a position to offer an environmentally friendly bush clearing service.

Q-Main recently undertook electrical power line easement clearing which entailed slashing, mulching and removal of all non-grass vegetation to re-establish defined access.

Civil Works 

Q-Main has the necessary resources and accreditation to undertake civil works for electrical and gas network companies.  Q-Main has extensive experience with trenching, concreting and security fence erection. 

In addition, Q-Main is able to audit underground infrastructure works.

On Call Works 

Q-Main provides an efficient and reliable 24 hour on call service to customers that requires this specialised service.  All employees who are rostered on for the nominated time frame are available 27/7 via mobile phone and a back up contact service is put in place in the event that the employee is out of range at the time of receiving a call out notification.

Asbestos Class B Removalist 

Q-Main is a WorkSafe approved Class B (Non Friable) Asbestos Removalist.  This licence is a restricted licence in which we can only work within gas and electric utility assets.  Q-Main also has an EPA Victoria Permit to Transport Prescribed Industrial Waste (Asbestos).

Falls Arrest System 

The installation and use of fall protection products requires serious control measures as they are intended to be relied upon to prevent injury or death whilst providing a safe workplace.  Q-Main is an accredited Sayfa Systems fall arrest systems installer in which height safety equipment is fitted correctly and in accordance with manufacturers' installation instructions and current legislative requirements.  This accreditation enables Q-Main to certify the installation of Sayfa fall arrest products.

Wildlife Controller Licence 

Q-Main has a Wildlife Licence issued from the Department of Environmental and Primary Industries.  This licence is valid to 30 June 2018.  This licence complies with the Wildlife Act 1975 and the Wildlife Regulations 2013 in which we are authorised to trap and release Common Brushtail and Ringtail Possums.  The purpose of this licence is to eliminate property damage as a result of possum infestation. 

The capture of the possums is undertaken in a very humane way in that the confinement traps utilised are designed not to cause injury to wildlife.

Pit Lid Refurbishment

As a cost effective solution, Q-Main can use existing pit lids to undertake a complete refurbishment at a fraction of the cost of new pit lids. 

Substation Fit Out's

Q-Main has extensive experience with substation fit out installations, works including;

  • Vented Substation Doors
  • Panic Bars
  • Drop Bolts
  • Night Latches
  • Earthing Tags
  • Galvanised Oil Door Bunding
  • Cable & Transformer Pulling Eyes
  • Glavanised Trench Mesh
  • Electro Magnetic Field Shielding (EMF)
  • Monorails including Block & Tackle
  • Fire Rated Doors
  • Structural Steel Sub Floors
  • Vent Dampners
  • Inlet & Outlet Vents

Tree Works 

Complementing the ground maintenance component, Q-Main offers a comprehensive vegetation and tree clearing service.

  • Tree removals
  • Stump removals
  • Tree reductions
  • Tree climbing
  • Line clearing
  • Hogging service
  • Wood splitting
  • Reinstatements

Security Fence Erection 

Q-Main has extensive experience with building and erecting high risk intruder resistant fences and gates.  Our new, well equipped workshop and qualified, highly experienced employees can easily manufacture all types of steel products such as gates and fences.  Q-Main works diligently within the Australian Standards guidelines and accommodates specific requirements as outlined by our customers.  Additionally, Q-Main has also supplied and erected many wood paling fences, as well as High Security Nui Barrier fences.

Vacuum Excavation 

Vacuum excavation is fast becoming the preferred method of digging when working in close proximity to underground assets, footpaths, roads, tree roots or plants.  Q-Main has been pro-active in their approach to provide a low impact, non invasive excavation service which performs tasks in an environmentally friendly manner.  As the vacuum excavating process is non destructive, it can be used for a wide array of applications.  Work applications include:

  • Potholing
  • Excavating in confined spaces
  • Post hole digging in heavily serviced areas
  • Pit and conduit cleaning
  • Excavating around trees and plants
  • General cleaning up of work site

Vacuum excavating greatly reduces the risk of injury to personnel and eliminates the risk of damage to any surrounding structure.  Q-Main has found that vacuum excavating is fast, has eliminated hand digging and causes no damage to customers’ assets. 

Bush Fire Mitigation 

Q-Main has extensive experience undertaking Bush Fire Mitigation works which is a program of clearing around designated fused installations in CFA identified “High Risk” locations across the distribution business of Powercor.

The aim of the Bush Fire Mitigation program is to reduce the risk of ignition in the “High Risk” areas by significantly reducing the amount of combustible material around these types of installations in the event of a fuse operation.

As part of these works, Q-Main:

  • Identified suitable locations and structures for clearing from maps provided and from on site assessments. 
  • Notify Property owners if clearing is required on Private property
  • Cleared approximately a 3m radius around each pole
  • Recorded on System Diagram maps locations cleared and kept accurate records of completed locations
  • Provided regular updates on progress of works
  • Complied with fire suppression equipment requirements
  • Observed and reported any obvious pole top defects

Refrigerant Trading Authorisation 

Q-Main has a Refrigerant Trading Authorisation Certificate which allow us to trade, empty and install air conditioning refrigerant gases.  This licence is valid to 2 March 2017.  This licence complies with to the OZone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations 1995.

ARC #: L092418

Fire Rated Door Installation 

Fire doors are found in most commercial and multi-storey residential buildings and come in different types, sizes and finishes, incorporating a plethora of hardware options.  Understanding the fundamentals of fire doors (fire resistant doorsets) including the relevant Legislation and Australian Standards is paramount when installing fire rated doors.  Q-Main is an accredited fire rated door installer and can certify any fire rated doors installed by our Company.

Brick & Concrete Recycler 

As an environmental initiative, Q-Main has introduced to its already extensive plant and equipment range, a Jaws Crusher crushing plant. This crushing plant has a superior productivity capacity for grinding materials in the form of reinforced concrete, tiles, bricks, rock, marble, bitumen and masonry.  The Jaws Crusher transforms the scrap material into perfectly reusable materials.  Because of its portability and mobility, the Jaws Crusher can be used directly in any construction yard or it can be used to work previously stored materials.

The versatile Jaws Crusher is fully remote controlled with a self feeding hopper to make it easier to crush the material being fed into it. The Jaws Crusher can crush up to 15 tonne per hour producing 15mm to 80mm aggregates which can be utilised for road base and re-used on site, if required.

With massive increases in disposal costs, utilising the Jaws Crusher is a very cost effective solution to getting rid of heavy and costly unwanted materials.